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As a pediatrician who started my career as a PCA for a terminally ill child, I understand the difficulties that come with caring for a medically fragile or complex child. I am breaking away from traditional medicine where patients are struggling to get the personalized care they deserve, in the timely fashion they need. I am doing this by opening a Direct Primary Care practice. In this model, I am able to limit the number of patients to around 200 (vs 2000 in a traditional clinic) which allows me to spend more time with each patient at their convenience. I believe this is the best form of healthcare for families and their specialized needs.

How it works

You pay an annual fee and receive direct, unlimited access, 24/7. Communication is available with me via phone call, text, e-mail, or video chats. When appointments are needed, they can be done the same or next day at your residence. No more lugging to the doctor's office with all the medical equipment and never wait in a waiting room full of sick children again.


I will provide your child with quality care in your home. This includes well care, ill visits and care of their underlying disease(s). In addition, I will help you with your child's coordination of care, timely signing of home care and therapy orders, and facilitate communication between all of your child's providers. I am available to attend, as a consultant, any sub-specialists appointments, hospital admissions, or ER visits.


My services, including vaccinations, are covered out-of-pocket by the annual fee. However, If lab tests, x-rays, etc. are needed for me to diagnose your child, they will be covered by your insurance company. Additional services such as hospitalization and home care will also be billed through your insurance. As a result, I am able to provide the personalized care you deserve.

Being the only caregiver for this beautiful girl, Jennifer, for 5 years was the most rewarding time for me. She taught me more than anyone else.

Education:1993 B.A. Hamline University1997 M.D. University of Minnesota1997-2000 Pediatric residencyUniversity of Minnesota

When I am not taking care of other children, I love spending time with my husband, son, and daughter. I especially enjoy traveling with them.

I also enjoy swimming, pilates, biking and walking my 2 labradors.

I would be honored to care for your child in the personalized manor they and your whole family deserve. Please let me know if I can assist you further by sending me an email. Just press the contact Dr. Michele button below.

Interesting in learning more or becoming a patient

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Newborn-1 year old $125/month

1-2 years old $100/month

2-5 years old $75/month

5-18 years old $50/month

Children with complex medical needs will cost between $150-$200/month depending on your child's specific needs and complexity.

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